Each holistic body treatment begins with body palming to ensure relaxation, followed by restoring, balancing and harmonising the inner and outer self.  Includes meditative massage to help relax and restore.  Customise your body treatment by adding a massage to gain the benefits of relaxation and rejuvenation for the entire body.

Relaxation ​Massage 
30min -  $30               45min - $45
60min - $60                90min - $90

Massage therapy is designed to relieve tension, soothe the nervous system and restore energy flow. 



Bamboo Polish Scrub
30min - $40                    45min - $50
60min - $80                   90min - $100

Gentle body exfoliation treatment using ginseng, gingko and bamboo beads to remove dead skin cells. whilst purifying the skin followed by a customised therapeutic hydration. Try 60min/90min where you will be wrapped for warmth in natural muslin cloth whilst receiving a meditative massage for the face and the scalp allowing for deep relaxation. Fantastic for relaxation, dry and dehydrated skin.

Hot Stone Massage
Coffee Scrub​
 30min -  $40                 45min - $50
 60min -  $80                 90min - $100

This uplifting exfoliation combines theproperties of caffeine for detoxification.  Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants this treatment is sure to increase cellular metabolism and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.  Great to have on a weekly basis if detoxing for that invigorating hit.

30min - $50                                  75min - $95
60min - $80                                  90min - $120
120min - $140

Imagine lying on a massage table, letting your stress and anxieties melt away as your muscles are therapeutically manipulated with comfortably hot stones. 

Benefits of hot stone massage include both medicinal and subtle energy.  They can be placed to treat organs or muscular tissue or placed for chakra balancing.


Hot Oil Elixir Wrap
75min - $75            90min - $100

A holistic body oiling wrap combining plant essential oils to bring out well being. Begin with a grounding foot ritual and a ayurvedic sensory journey, followed by dry body brushing, the warm customised oils is smoothed into the skin. Wrapped for warmth in natural muslin cloth whilst receiving a meditative massage for the face and the scalp allowing for deep relaxation. Fantastic for relaxation, dry and dehydrated skin.

Designed for ultimate nurturing and stress relief.  

Organic Coco Cream Wrap
60min - $80                  90min - $100​

This wrap is designed to target ultimate dry skin. 

The wrap begins with a ground rice purifying turmeric scrub designed to purify the whole body. Followed by a nourishing fully body application of warmed coco cream butter to feed your skin whilst relaxed warmly cocooned in natural cloth. Try 90mins and recieve a facial to restore and balance.  Designed to leave skin hydrated and silky smooth with that rich organic coconut aroma.

Aloe and Green Tea Linen Wrap
90min - $120

This Aloe wrap is designed to quench dehydrated skin from head to toe. Starting off with dry body brushing to stimulate sluggish circulation systems, followed by a warm application of blended aloe, the body is cocooned in natural muslin cloth. The journey continues with a facial and a nourishing hair treatment which combines chinabark, shea butter, wheat protein and coconut oil. Your skin will feel super hydrated, plumped and refreshed.

Pregnancy Massage
60min - $65                                  90min - $95
This treatment concentrates on areas that need it most, back, neck, hips and legs. A support cushion is used to accommodate any stage of pregnancy. Botanical oils that are safe to use through out the whole pregnancy is used and can be left on the skin for a hydrated finish.


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