Uspa products are forged from a place of uncommon riches, our provenance is at the heart of each product and everything we do as a brand.

Uspa skin care is formulated with naturally active botanical ingredients and is free from sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, synthetic colour and fragrance. Uspa is 100% Australian made and is proudly a cruelty free brand. We are dedicated to pure, clean skincare that utilises the best of nature through science. Uspa is the perfect journey to naturally beautiful skin.

100% Australian made 

Botanical ingredients
Sulphate & paraben free
Free from synthetic colour or fragrance
Mineral oil free
Cruelty free


All facials are prescribed and custom blended using energetic botanical plant extracts, clay blends, essential oils and lymphatic facial massage to restore your skin and vitality.  Choose from a 30min express facial, 45min facial,

60min facial or a 90min relaxation facial which starts by a grounding foot ritual followed by a oil warming back massage. Oils, cell therapy's and clays are used to restore and balance your skin, a head to toe treatment that will take you to another world.

Hydramax Facial
30min  $40               
60min  $70               90min  $100

Hydramax facial is designed for dry, dehydrated skin that is in need of a hydration boost.              Exfoliation restoring clays and nourishing oils are drenched into the skin to increase hydration and restoration.  Skin will be supple with improved elasticity and hydration.

Age-Defying Facial
30min  $40                 
60min  $70                 90min  $100

Regenerative facial is ideal for brightening and repairing prematurely ageing skin. Vitamin C is used to restore the defences in the skin that protect against environmental damage. Exfoliation and botanical oils are used to provide instance glow, even skin tone and it increases collagen production. 

Purifying Facial
30min  $40              
60min  $70​            90min  $100

Purifying facial is designed to detoxify congested and imbalanced skin. Purification begins with a gentle exfoliation followed by a deep cleansing mud therapy.  Plant extracts of birch, and burdock work on inflammation. congestion and breakouts.  

Skin will feel refreshed and look much clearer.

​Smoothing AHA Facial
30min   $40            ​
60min   $70             90min  $100

Smoothing AHA facial is designed for sluggish,

un-even skin tone.  Botanical fruit acids are used to refine the surface of the skin. Skin will have a more radiant complexion, and will help reduce the appearance of fine lines, age spots, unevenness and roughness. 

Desensitising Facial
30min  $40               
60min  $70​               90min  $100


Desensitising facial is designed to calm and              

re-balance stressed skin conditions.  It will help reduce redness and the signs of inflammation while building resistance to ongoing sensitivities.  Skin will feel more calm and refreshed. 

Back Facial


45min  $50


Clear glowing healthy skin is not only for the

face.  Your back also needs a customised skin

analysis that will give you the confidence to wear backless dresses or to treat any skin problems. 

Designed to give you that fresh feeling for hard to reach places.